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What is STAYGE?

STAYGE is a vertical blockchain platform specially designed and developed for the entertainment industry. STAYGE rewards fans’ contribution with cryptocurrency (tokens) based on the incentivized fan community platform. Fans can then continue supporting their beloved artists by using the reward tokens to purchase artists’ albums, tickets, various content and much more. The artists and the service providers are able to utilize the motivated fans to develop their businesses further. Through the STAYGE Network, the current entertainment market of 1.7 trillion USD will grow even larger.



Create fan communities of what you love. You can make your own community of the favorite artist, influencers, games and more. STAYGE reward you for your activities such as comment, post share, new member invite in the fan communities with ACT token.

With rewarded ACT, you can enjoy a variety of apps in the community, buy items online or get discounts!

K-Pop Speed Quiz

Create your favorite artists’ quiz. You can make your own quiz about various K-Pop Artists. Unlock new quizzes with friends and compete with other fans. Share your scores with other fans. Play Rank mode to see how much you know about the K-Pop Artists.

Get rewarded for all the activities to play more quizzes


A global online shopping mall specialized for K-Pop & K-Culture related goods by STAYGE Labs, Inc.

Have your product presented by K-pop artists, influencers, and get more engagement from customers. “Presented.” online shopping mall is a connection between the companies and the artists in various fields for the companies to have more sales and the artists can make profits with their recognition.



Michael Baeg
Co-founder & CEO


Steve Cho


Myounghoon Baeg
a.k.a NASSUN
Co-founder & CBDO


Thomas Jeon
Board of Director


Yoonjin Chang
Board of Director


Tim Chung
Token Economist


Eileen Park
Accounting Manager


Stanislav Ni
Software Engineer


Dennis Choi
Software Engineer


Ryan Baek
Head of Business Strategy


Jaybe Yun
Software Engineer


Kevin Han
Graphic Designer


Nick Yang
Head of Global Business Development



KJ Eee
ICON Foundation
Council Member


Matt Cheng
Cherubic Ventures
Founder & Managing Parnter


Hyun Oh
Deblock CEO


DS Kim
Penta Security Systems


Aaron Shin
Ascendo Ventures
Managing Partner


Jinwoo Shin
Associate Prof., EE


James Jung
Founder & CEO


Willy Kwon
Kermis D&C

Partners & Investors

STAYGE Network is open to a variety of partners who will utilize the fandom ecosystem to co-create a sustainable ecosystem.


ICON is a decentralized network of blockchain communities


A development company for FinTech solutions based on blockchain and machine learning technology.


A blockchain AdTech Company.


An investment group by POSTECH alumni.


A VC firm and an accelerator jointly founded by ICON and AD4th Insight.


A Leading entertainment company in Korea.


A next-generation platform for both public and private blockchain projects based in China.


A game development studio which is involved in HTML5 game development and porting business.


FHL Games operates kaybo.com, a comprehensive content portal service with approximately 18 million users in Latin America.


A leading data encryption and web security company in Korea.


Korea’s leading tech startup media launched in 2011.

STAYGE Network

STAYGE Network is an entertainment ecosystem based on blockchain that tokenizes the influence of the fandom to utilize it on various apps and business models. The fan community service generates and distributes the tokens based on the fans’ contribution; furthermore, the fans can spend the rewarded tokens on DApps such as e-commerce, games, contents services and more.

Token Model

The token economy of STAYGE Network consists of ACT and STG. ACT is issued for each community and can be used within the community, and STG connects each community with ACT economy and is exchangeable on the exchange.


STG is a coin that links the ACT of each community and it serves as the key currency of STAYGE Network. STG can be used in a variety of ways, including transactions between the artists and the operators, trading of goods and services that do not belong to a specific community. It can also be used to join the community activities by exchanging STG with the ACT if there are not enough ACT.

ACT: Community Activity Token

ACT is a token generated for each community, issued through the fans’ activities. Fans are rewarded with the ACT for their fan activities such as contents creation, distribution, and the feedback on the artists and the other fans. The ACT issued in one community can only be used in the same community. It allows each community to maintain an independent governance and economic system.


STAYGE is a platform for a wide range of participants in the entertainment market, including fans, artists and service providers. The fans, the artists, and the service providers can have the following benefits.


In the STAYGE Network, the activities of the fans are recorded on the blockchain and can be rewarded with ACT depending on their contribution. With the amount of ACT that each fan has, the fan can be recognized as a royal fan of the artists and the other fans, and the fans can use ACT to continue their fan activities. Fans can also voluntarily start projects for the artists, or support the other projects through STG and ACT funding.


In STAYGE Network, each community does not belongs to an intermediary (platform), but it belongs to the artists and the fans that make up the community. Instead of paying an excessive advertising costs or fees to the exclusive broker, STAYGE Network encourages fans to engage more actively by providing fair rewards for the community contributors. The active fan community is a great fan marketing tool itself. The artists and the management companies can easily utilize and take advantage of sustainable and scalable global fan marketing tools by engaging with the community and interacting with them.

Service Provider

In STAYGE Network, service providers can expand existing businesses and have new business opportunities based on the tokenized fandom. Service providers can leverage incentivized fan communities at a reasonable cost. Service providers can transparently and safely conduct transactions between the artist and the management companies with STG and the Smart contract functions. They also can be protected from the frauds and the risk from the breach of contracts.

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