200K+ App Downloads, 300K+ Wallets

Hello, this is STAYGE Team.

The number of app downloads and wallet creation through the STAYGE service exceeded 200,000 times and 300,000 respectively.
This is a figure that increased by over 33% and 20%, respectively, in about a month and a half from the number released when the website was updated on February 27th.

The KQ-Kpop Idol Quiz app continues its service smoothly for K-pop fans around the world, and the retention in the app continues to increase., the fan community service achieved more than double the number of active users compared to the previous month as the newly launched Poll function and the event that can participate by utilizing the activity points in the service showed good results.

The Presented Store is beta-testing 'Presented Live', an online performance monetization service for artists struggling to hold offline performances due to the proliferation of COVID-19. It is expected to increase great number in sales as more new artists and more goods are added on the service.

STAYGE Team will continue to make efforts to create a happy world for artists and fans.
Thank you.