[Coming Soon] ACT(IRC2 Token) Payment Module

Hello, This is STAYGE Team.

We are working on a new project to raise token economy in STAYGE service platform to a higher level, and we want to disclose the contents and purpose of this project on our website before launching.

This project is to develop a module that can make payment with ACT token used on STAYGE.net. This module will be integrated into Presented Store (https://store.presented.kr) which is an e-commerce service for K-Pop & K-Culture goods.

At STAYGE.net, fans can participate in fan community activities related to their favorite artists and receive ACT tokens generated by the community as a reward for contributing to the reproduction and spread of the content. To date, more than 250K ICON wallets have been created through this service.

When this project is launched, users will be able to purchase paid content, albums, goods and more from their favorite artists with ACT earned as a reward for their community activities.

Artists will have effective marketing tools that can motivate their fans. By consistently providing the fan community with the content and merchandise that the fans can enjoy, they will be able to engage even higher levels of fan engagement than ever before.

Above all, it will be great value for the fans to be justified for their activities that have never been recognized. In addition, the ACT token received as a reward allows you to enjoy more fun fan activities.

After launching the project, we will provide a variety of products that fans can purchase with the ACT earned through community activities, and will actively promote it. This not only contributes to the transaction increase of ICON, but also has the positive effect that ICON-based tokens attract a large number of real users. Wallets used in STAYGE services are easily compatible with ICX and other ICON-based tokens, therefore high synergy is expected when ICON's DApp ecosystem is established in the future.

We will be releasing a new update soon. Thank you for your interest.

March 16, 2020