Official website renewal & New P-rep page

Hello, this is STAYGE Team. This time, we renewed our official website and opened a new page to promote ICON P-rep activities.

STAYGE strives to develop and supply ICON-based DApps that can be used by many people as a DApp developer while operating and technical support for stable node operation of ICON network.

The majority of STAYGE users are young generations, ages 14 to 24, in various countries around the world. They love artists, music, and cultural content, but they do not know much about blockchain technology. However, they use the services of STAYGE, and they use the blockchain without knowing it. Making services that they can use every day is the way STAYGE contributes to the development of the ICON ecosystem.

Since STAYGE's Cooperation with ICON, STAYGE has been constantly striving for mass adoption into the ICON's ecosystem. To date, more than 250,000 ICON Wallets have been created through STAYGE's services, and more than 160,000 monthly transactions are being made.

On this page, we will continue to disclose how STAYGE is contributing to the ICON ecosystem as a P-rep of ICON.

March 16, 2020