Launched 'Presented LIVE', an untact live service to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

STAYGE Labs, a startup that provides a fandom monetization platform, has announced that it has launched 'Presented LIVE (' service that can monetize untact live events.

As most of the offline live events were canceled due to the fashion of COVID-19, the performance industry and the music industry as a whole suffered greatly. On the other hand, 'Presented Live' is a service that helps artists, entertainment companies, and performance agencies to monetize the untact live events.

Especially, the difference between ‘Presented Live' and existing video streaming platform is that ticket sales are possible.

It is difficult to produce a regular performance involving investment in stage, lighting, sound, etc. only with voluntary donations or advertisement revenue of users watching live streaming. However, in the same way as in offline events, artists will be able to create and provide high-level exclusive content by selling tickets online and allowing fans to watch their performances through a desktop or mobile device.

In addition, since online live performances are targeted to fans all over the world without the physical limitations of a limited venue, it is possible to target greater profit generation.

An official from STAYGE Labs said, "A lot of artists, entertainment companies, and event promoters that cannot create offline events due to COVID-19 are threatened with survival." Through Presented Live service, not only to overcome the current situation, but it will also be a helper which will do its best to advance to overseas markets and secure more fans."

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